Out in the garden

bug catchingMy children and I were taking advantage of the clear skies and checked on our garden and its inhabitants. mintThis year is strictly planters full of goodies and I’m good with that. We’re growing strawberries again, and attempting tomatoes. I think my plants went through shock when I put them in their spacious planter, because all the lower branches started developing white spots and turned wilty. I was afraid of the blight and almost pulled them all out for strawberries. I held on another couple weeks and I’m glad I did. They’re thriving now. It was super wet when I planted them, and so, I’ve been only watering when needed. bugcatching2They have new bug catchers, which they fill with creepy crawlies. They have to empty them out when they come inside. I don’t like emptying dead bugs. strawberriesLucas thought our strawberries were broke and almost started pulling them. Had to explain strawberries to him, and not to touch the berries. He’s ok with this now. eyeing the berries


Maybe next year I’ll do a garden bed. A small one. Maybe I’ll try some bulbs as well.


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  1. Everything looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see all the strawberries you get!

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