Cake making

Even though birthday season is upon us, I was in the mood to bake a cake. Like the kids would argue against that. Tony and Beth were headed home from a jujitsu tournament in Pentiction, so why not celebrate them coming home. The kids think its a party. They asked to hang decorations. Lucas demanded chocolate cake, and Sadie has requested several times that it be pink and purple. Sure, daddy will love it.


They wore their aprons, and got them covered in egg and butter. The reason there’s no egg cracking pictures is because I let Lucas try to crack and egg, and it more like exploded in his hands. Then he figured it needs to be crushed in his fist and thrown in. A few minutes of fishing egg shell out of the cake mix and we were ok. 

Image Image


This was one of the more well behaved baking experiences we’ve had. Not as much fighting or screaming over who does what. 


Waiting on cake now.