Reading: Fan Girl. A girl who is a little obsessed with a Harry Potter-esque fantasy novel series. Cath been writing fan fiction for years, and is starting university. She’s been trapped in a bubble of her fan fiction world for so long, and now she’s got to figure out life outside it, away from home. 

Not finished yet, but I’m really enjoying it. Having once been a bit obsessed with a fantasy novel series myself, I can relate. I never got as far into that obsession as she did, but I knew girls that were like that. 

Drinking: Coffee – double double. Tribute blend from Starbucks to be precise. 

Watching: The kids playing with bugs outside, but also just finished watching season 2 of The Americans. So good! We’re looking for other shows now, and on my list is Homeland and Brooklyn 9-9.  I’ve heard decent things about them.

Working on: The String Quilt. I’ve got a fair chunk done, and I’d like it for myself, but if I run out of scraps, I’ll turn it into a twin and give it to Sadie. Her toddler sized quilt doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Looking forward to: Camping. Our trip is coming up soon. To wind down before bed I go through the Outdoors section of Pinterest looking at camping things. I’ve been praying for no fire ban so we can have campfires while camping. Last year it was a bummer to not have a fire. 

Figuring out: a decent meal plan for the hot week of weather we will be expecting. Wraps and veggies work well for lunches, but I’m a little sad about dinners. I think I’ll just try and cook stuff in the mornings and then reheat for dinner in the microwave.