Dinosaur Tails


Lucas’ birthday is coming up. Three, my baby will be three! So, I’ve made the executive decision to do a dinosaur party for my boy.

I’ve seen this tutorial for a while now, and I’ve had it pinned twice. Obviously that means I need to make some dinosaur tails.

One hot day a week or so ago I decided I’d make these. It was too hot. I was too tired, but children saw my plans and begged and begged for tails to be made.

They watched me cut fabric, and sew the basics. I got to the step where you had to sew the straps in, and thats kinda when everything broke down. I sewed them in wrong, so that they wouldn’t connect once insided out.

Out came the seam ripper.

Then I sewed them in again, and messed up on one strap. This is after I assembled the entire thing.

So much cursing. So much seam ripping.

Took a break to make dinner. Calmed down.

Took my sweet time again, and the third time I got both straps in without issue. The circle part ended up too big, or I just didn’t care about the half inch seam allowance (probably the second part) and so theres a wrinkle on an otherwise almost perfect project.

I finished before bedtime, and Lucas had a tail. Sadie got hers the next day, thankfully it was a cooler day, and I knew what I was doing.

run dinosaur