Reading Challenge Complete!

12 books finished in under 12 months. My goal was a book a month, but I blew through that with 4 months to go. I think I underestimated my love of reading when I made this, but I wanted to keep things realistic. That was silly. As a kid I would blow through a book a day sometimes, but for me, not meeting goals that I’ve set is just depressing.

So, the last 2 books I read were:

The Honest Toddler and Fangirl.

The Honest Toddler had its moments, but it felt too redundant after a while. We get it, you’re a toddler. Now, I’d read the Honest Toddlers twitter feed all day, but this book was different and not at all like the twitter account.  It had some awesome moments, but I skimmed a lot. It was the same old stuff over and over at times. Rated it 3/5 cause it did make me laugh so hard I cried a couple times.


I loved Fangirl. I loved the main character’s socially awkwardness, I loved that I could relate to her. I just had a blast reading about her because she was so much like me. I loved her story and it was just a really good book. The only thing I didn’t get attached to was the Simon Snow story line. I kinda didn’t care about that as much, but maybe I should re-read it and pay more attention, see if I like it. 5/5

I think I’ll set another reading goal, make it harder for myself to complete. I’ll do that later today I think.

On my To Read list:

Eleanor and Park (same author as Fangirl)

Push Girl

The Book Thief

Gone Girl

Odd and the Frost Giants

I just added Gone Girl after seeing the preview for the movie coming out in October. I’m sure reading the book with ruin the movie, but I don’t care.