A girl and her beetle


Yesterday morning, I was in the shower, washing my hair, contemplating life, as we do, when I heard a stampede of feet come from downstairs. I knew the kids went down to wake up Beth (they hear her alarm and are free to ensure she is alive) and so I wondered why they raced back upstairs so suddenly.

Sadie burst into the bathroom yelling A BEETLE! A BEETLE! AUNTY BETH HAS A BEETLE! Then she left. She came back minutes later yelling A JUNE BEETLE, ITS NAME IS JUNE BEETLE!  I figured they had found a beetle in the yard and were all excited. Little did I know that they were looking at a GIANT bug  in a bag IN MY KITCHEN.


Got out of the shower, got dressed, and went to see what all the fuss was about. The sight of that beetle alarmed me. I couldn’t get over his size or that it was STILL ALIVE in the baggie.

Apparently, Beth saw it at work, it had hovered around in the warehouse and she thought the kids would love it. She knows them well. Her boss made her poke holes in the bag, hence the aliveness.

Once they figured out it was alive, they opened the baggie and held it outside. Not allowed inside as it flies. I generally hate all giant bugs that have wings, moths especially.


So, this guy is a 10 Lined June Beetle, or Watermelon Beetle. They don’t bite or anything like that. He creeped slowly on her hand for a long time. Eventually he started hissing, which is what they do. They hiss with their wings, and so I  assumed he was about ready to take off. He did much to the kids’ dismay. I saw it fly and I swear it looked like bat it was that big. Lucas cried as he missed holding it.

So Beth will look for more to bring home as it seriously made their day.


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