Jujitsu stuff

jujitsu11Last year (I think) Tony really wanted to do more than just the gym to get physically fit. He looked into a lot of different options and Brazilian Jujitsu really stuck out to him. I had no idea what jujitsu was like, but my rules for doing it had to be that there was no punching or kicking. Little did I know that it really doesn’t matter in terms of injury what you do. If its a martial art, it will hurt. If you don’t know what Jujitsu is, its a self defence system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting, its similar to Judo.

At the beginning we would count the little fingerprint bruises that speckled his skin. Now, I’m really only surprised at the bigger ones.


When he looked into different jujitsu gyms, he did his research, and I’m glad he did. He found Gravity BJJ. I’ve been to 2 competitions and I watch how Tony’s coach is compared to the others. If I had anyone to compare Logan to, it would be Mr Myiagi from the Karate Kid – best way I can put it guys.  Sure he’ll yell some pointers, but for the most part, he’s pretty reserved. I’ve watched a couple of the classes, and he’s always really quiet and calm. I watched a coach from another gym just scream the entire time at his guy, and it was very off putting for me. Then there’s Logan, calmly watching, shouting an occasional pointer. He gives the guys time to figure things out on their own versus some of the other coaches.

Its been over a year since he started, and we’ve both learned a lot. I know what an Arm Bar feels like (not pleasant), and a few other moves, because I always wonder why these are moves that will make guys tap out for. I know who Rhonda Rousey is, and that she breaks arms by using the Arm Bar. Insanity.


Recently Tony’s done 2 competitions, bronze in the first one and 2 silvers in the second one. He’s gotten stronger, and faster, and its really awesome seeing the transformation Tony has gone through. It makes me so proud to watch him. I don’t know if I’d ever like BJJ, but who knows, maybe I’ll give it a go one day.