Rhubarb Simple Syrup

rhubarbsyrup1Its so blasted hot out. This next week is supposed to be stupid hot as well. I allowed homemade popsicles for breakfast because its that hot out. Yup. Breakfastsicles! We’ve been playing outside in the morning, and then retreating inside for the afternoon to sweat it out in my room. My room has the big bed and box fan that blows right over it, so its the best spot during the hottest part of the day.

rhubarbsimplesyrup2Before it got really hot inside, I decided to make a fun fizzy treat for the afternoon. I used my simple syrup ratio :1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and then added about 2 cups of rhubarb, and once it got boiling, simmered it for 20 minutes on low. Then, I strained it and refrigerated it for a bit.

rhubarbsimplesyrup3We added our syrup to club soda until it tasted good. I added a squeeze of lime cause that’s how I roll. It was a huge hit with everyone in the family. I’m going to try this next with raspberries, maybe add less sugar because I like it tart. This was a good hot day treat.


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