Super Hero Capes!

superherocapes5LOOK BUDDY! IM A SUPERHERO! *thud*

IM A SUPER HERO! *thump*capes

I turned to look and I see both kids jumping off the couch (or bed) and pretending to fly. Both my children love to pretend, and I love it. They pretend they’re cats, superheroes, babies, and birds.superherocapes2

So, my first thought is that they should really have some dress up clothes to help with their little imaginations. They already have dinosaur tails, so why not capes?

superherocapes4Making capes was super easy, and I even appliquéd for the first time. Yup, I put that fusible web (thats been collecting dust in my sewing bin) to work.

I loosely followed this tutorial, kinda winging it, and they turned out.

Each kid really loves the that the letter of their first name is on the cape.


So, any ideas on what I should make next for them? I’m thinking felt crowns, but I also saw a cute fox scarf/hoodie that I might attempt this fall.


3 thoughts on “Super Hero Capes!

  1. Super cute! Nice to see kids with such great imaginations. I’ve had 3 year olds tell me ‘that’s not real’. I feel sad for those kids.
    I vote for crowns or masks! Like a raccoon or fox mask!

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