Lately its been feeling very GO GO GO. We’ve had birthdays to celebrate, jujitsu tournaments to go to, military forms to fill out and the list goes on. Theres a family BBQ and then camping and then a birthday party all in one month. So much busy, so much stress. The heat has not helped. I turn into a slug when the weather is too warm. I like to lay in front of the fan and just lay there, tv is optional.

So, that being said, this week I got a much needed rest. My dad had a few days off during the week and asked if they could visit. Well, HECK YES! They were packed and ready to go the moment they heard they were visiting Nana and Papa. Now, Tony still is working while they are away, so I pretty much am alone for these couple days. Its been so nice. No plans to make, no expectations, no rushing around. Yesterday I cooked myself a poached egg – I hardly put effort into food these days, theres no time. It was delightful to sit and savour coffee instead of gulping it while helping children clean spilled cereal and milk. I played computer games, I walked half an hour to the thrift store without any whining or fighting. I browsed said thrift store without feeling rushed. It was fantastic. I put effort into dinner and made fresh spring rolls that the children would hate. So relaxing and enjoyable.

Today I am going to have lunch with Tony in Vancouver and then work on some quilt stuff. I’ve got a lot of fabric to wash and cut. I should fit in some house work like mop my filthy floors. Barefooted children drag in so much dirt. It doesn’t help that they play in sand and dirt and everything outside all day long.

Speaking of children, they are having a blast at Nana and Papas house. I called to find out how they were doing, I do miss them still. My dad took them blueberry picking yesterday morning. They picked me some blueberries and ate a ton. Papa took Lucas to store (Lucas is my dads shadow these days) and Sadie had a tea party and had her nails painted. They captured spiders to show my horrified sisters. It was good day. Today they’ll take it easier and just hang out in my dad’s garden and do gardening things.


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