Some quilting progress

I think I have a problem. I really love making crafts and quilts and things. I love finding all the inspiration on pinterest and I get all excited and want to try it all. Problem is, I have like 5 or 6 projects going on that are half completed. I think I have crafters ADD.

Like, I was doing the cat quilt the other day, and after an hour or so my brain was like, hey, black and white is borrring….lets do something new. So, I put it aside and started cutting more fabric scraps for the string quilt.

Brain: So, I’m getting sick of cutting scraps, lets sew something.

Me: started sewing blocks

Brain: pssst…I’m kinda bored.

Me: keeps sewing

Brain: hey, HEY, this is taking forever to do, lets go watch tv.

Me: ok

And then the project gets set aside for another time.

Is it just me, or do any of you have this problem as well? I have almost finished a quilt top, but it was a pretty basic one with huge 18 inch blocks. Good for my brain.

So, heres a look at the progress of some of my quilts: bigbluestarThe big blue star quilt top is almost put together since I took this. I turn on Dr Who and I get things done. David Tennant is my favorite Doctor so far in case you’re all wondering. Just finished the Ood episodes. Very good.


The vintage floral string quilt. Its getting there. I plug away occasionally and when I do sew blocks for it, I like to do 12 at a time so I can add it do the main piece. If I get my star top done, I’ll get on this one, or maybe fiddle with the cat quilt (no progress on the cat quilt since last blogged about it).



2 thoughts on “Some quilting progress

  1. I do this. I call it being a craft dabbler. I want to try all the things! I also get inspired by something else halfway through…

  2. I’m the exact same way! I just can’t finish anything! I’m gonna try fixing that problem. Wish me luck!

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