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A friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.


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I’m feeling like a squirrel these days. No, not squirrely, just squirrel like. This last week I’ve been freezing produce to fill my little freezer with. Its been really fun now that the kids get into it. They love helping with all kitchen things, most of the time at least. shuckingcornpeaches1I had them peeling peaches and shucking corn this week. They have been well versed in the art of shucking corn as they learned these skills at Nana and Papas house. Miss Sadie loves corn on the cob so much. She had 1.5 ears of corn for dinner last night, and got upset at me when I had the last piece.

peaches2They loved helping peel peaches. Anything to do with a sink full of water and they’re right in there. Some of the peaches came out with substantial finger gouges, but its ok, because nobody knows once they’re baked in a pie.

The 20 lb box of peaches are almost done, as in, almost all frozen or eaten. I’m thinking crepes are on the menu for dinner tonight. I also want to try and bake a pie to freeze. This scares me a little, but I’m willing to try one out. If it works, you’ll bet I’ll be stocking the freezer with as many pies as I can fit. Pie for christmas anyone?

Around here

dressedupdinosWe dressed up dinosaurs yesterday. I also made jam (which is too runny I think and I’m sad).

fillingthepoolThis morning we filled up the pool. Its supposed to get hot today and will stay that way until saturday. They were so excited to fill the pool that Lucas was only half dressed.


My piles of smaller quilts hanging out beside the stack of unfinished ones.


Remnants of the last party – which everyone said was pretty rad.


These guys are still going at it, making berries for my children to pick. I’ve neglected the garden in the last couple weeks. I’m thankful that plants can be quite resilient.


These babies are doing so well outside. Anyone want some succulents?

succulents2This baby is a cluster of like 3 flowers. Super succulent!

Today I’ve got peaches to deal with, probably to make into freezer pies and whatnot. I have a feeling that my children will be living in their swimsuits all day. Thats what summer is all about, right?

Someone turns three

partyboy2This little guy turned three yesterday! He shares his birthday with his papa, so it was an awesome dinosaur birthday party for the both of them. I really like that I can just invite family and a few friends. When they go to school, it will be different though, and that’s ok.



I opted for easy typical birthday party food. Sorry kid, when you’re born in August, you get hotdogs and burger like food. Using the oven is out of the picture. Thankfully hotdogs are one of your favourites. Worms and dirt made a comeback, but as Dinos and Dirt. Its always a hit.


Lucas’ reaction to opening his presents was always OHHHHHH WOW! He was so pleased with opening everything. Thankfully we didn’t have to unbox a lot right off the bat because there was juice to drink and trampolines to jump on with everyone. I know they just consumed juice and some cake the entire time.


3 candles were stuffed into the volcano cake, which my mom made. It was awesome. Lucas thought it needed more dinos, so he added more while we were getting the food ready.


That cake was so good. Moist and full of chocolate pudding and chocolate cake. I was so happy I didn’t have to make a cake this year.

dinodecorWe put out giant paper dinosaurs inside and in the yard. It was hot out, so we opted to eat and hang out in the yard.




papaandbuddyEvery time they see Papa, they have to steal his hat. Its the best game. It involves much screaming and giggling, and then usually tickling.


I’m glad these 2 share a birthday.



And then I know she’ll hate me for life by posting this, but I couldn’t help putting my beautiful friend Laura on here. I just really liked how this one turned out.

A few quick takes

-Spotify – I totally love it. I was using Pandora for a while but I hated that it started getting repetitive and I got annoyed with it. I saw that spotify was for Canada now, and thats nifty. I am using the free version and I really really like it. Found a bunch of new music and its fantastic. Thumbs up for spotify for being available in Canada.

-I’m finding plastic dinosaurs everywhere in the house. I bought some specifically for Lucas’ party, but they found them and now dinos are taking over. Its ok because I’ve hidden most of them again while cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, I tried a new glass cleaner recipe because even though my old one cleaned, it was streaky. Its got 1/4 vinegar, 1/4 rubbing alcohol, and then 2 cups water and the magic ingredient: 1 tbsp cornstarch. So weird, and I was skeptical but its so awesome. Go cornstarch!

-There is a pile of children’s clothes in my kitchen. Now that the kiddie pool is set up, they typically undress at the back door by the dining room table and then put their swim suits on and take off. I didn’t think they’d practically live in that pool, but that seems to be the case. Better change up the water soon, its looking a little too grassy.

-My kitchen smells delightful, and I hope this recipe is a winner. I have honey garlic chicken in the crockpot. I under use that crockpot and when I do pull it out, its like we’re long lost friends and how could I ever put you away and forget about you?

-In the midst of cleaning and prepping for a birthday party, I really get distracted and want to sew things instead. Procrastisewing, similar to procrastibaking. I do both, but when its too hot to bake, its procrastisewing. I need to make a needle book, like YESTERDAY. I keep finding stupid packs of needles and favourite needles all over in different floss and threads and in places in the house. Found some behind my bedside table, and some in a thread beside the couch and under my desk. So, its time to make a cute book to store them all in. Most of my favourite needles are my late grandmas, so, don’t lose them.

-I’ve been planning out what to make for everyone for christmas. I’ve got some bigger projects that I need to start now to get done by December. I figured out last year that I’m an excellent planner and procrastinator. I make the best plans and leave them all till like 2 weeks before Christmas when I need to then sew a dozen pot holders and can lemon curd and bake cookies. So, I’m telling myself to get on it and get stuff done now instead of later. I also might be doing a craft fair this november, and that means making stuff for that. Oh poop, what have I gotten into? Its ok to be a little overwhelmed about that right now right? Anyone have advice for doing craft fairs? How scary is it?



swimming1Even though its not the hottest of days, the kids are still in the pool every day. Its cooled down a bunch, and its like 23 degrees, and I love it this way. I hope we have more weather like this.



This little sprout turns 3 this saturday. He’s been telling everyone he’s three for months now, but thats ok. We’re doing a dinosaur party for him. I think I’ve got decorations almost done, with the exception of cutting out dinosaurs out of poster board. He’s so excited. When I ask him what he wants at his party, all he can think of is chocolate cake and balloons. Ok, we can manage that kiddo.


This girl has grown so much these last few months. She’s not my toddler anymore. She’s my big girl with the outgrown bangs and beautiful smile. I can’t believe how big she is.


{this moment}

A friday Saturday ritual (just this week). A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.



If you wanna do the same, leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see your weekly moments. Joining Soulemama with these posts.