Listening to: the swishy sound of the dishwasher. I love life with a dishwasher.

Watching: Dr Who. Its the best show to watch while I sew. It doesn’t take a ton of concentration, but its still entertaining and not boring like watching re-runs of Frasier (for the 5th time)

Anticipating: the family BBQ at my Aunts place. We’re camping out at her place in tents overnight, and the kids will love it.

Eating: Vanilla yogurt and strawberries. When the children aren’t around, the strawberries last more than an hour in the fridge.

Working on: finishing the blue star quilt. There’s a plain white sheet in the wash and once its dry, I’m going to get this sucker basted together and maybe hand quilt it.

Giggling at: this article on Airplane Passengers as explained by their pants

Planning for: Lucas’ third birthday. I need to make some dinosaur decor stat, and think of what to feed everyone that doesn’t require tons of effort.

Playing: a few games, one being Hearthstone (free!) Its quite addicting, and lots of fun when you get going. Its an online card game based on characters from WoW. We also did games night last night at Stormcrow Tavern and played BANG! Once we got the rules figured out, we had a blast. Stormcrow also just changed up their menu, and instead of sub par food, its really very good. Yay for finding a decent cook!

Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Till next month!