Camping 2014

camping1Oh my goodness what a good camping trip we had. Camping gets better with every year it seems, and this year was fantastic. There was a fire ban again, but it was still lots of fun. This was the first time we used charcoal, and after a little trial and error, we got our pyramid of briquettes lit and were roasting marshmallows and hotdogs.  They really need lots of lighter fuel to get going.


We went to Maple Bay at Cultus lake. Its easy and convenient with the kids being so little. I keep telling myself that we’ll go somewhere further away, but we both really enjoy this campground.



To their delight, the kids found a bunch of cool bugs. Sadie has a moth on her hand there, and then stuffed it into the bug catcher to observe for a while. We also found a bunch of slugs (thankfully nobody likes slugs), spiders and moths.


This guy Tony found by accidentally touching him. Panic attack ensued, and then the kids captured that creepy spider. The kids loved watching him spin his web in the bug catcher. camping16

Lucas had his face pressed to that bug catcher for a while before we let him go free. Tony wanted it to die, but we set it free while he was brushing his teeth.


The kids loved playing in the woods. They made a game of tossing their dinosaurs into the bush and then trying to find them with flash lights. Eventually that game was banned because mommy was called in to hunt for lost dinosaurs in spidery bushes.



This seems to be a camping tradition. Tony reads books and relaxes. I think its the only time he ever reads books. I had him read The Giver, and he started Divergent before we left. He wasn’t fond of The Giver.

camping10 camping9

Another camping tradition: Cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. This is one Tony always has to have, and has had since he was a kid.

So, what else did we do? Well, the first night we listened to the kids fight about how Lucas likes to sing himself to sleep, and Sadie does not like this. She lost in the end and he sang away until he fell asleep. The excitement of sleeping in a sleeping bag was also something that kept them away, but not like last years camping trip. They did not stay up until 11, but more like 10 pm, which is reasonable. Lucas did yell WATCHOUT at me twice in his sleep. Just a little alarming.

Also, who knew that getting your own water out of the water cooler would be a novelty. Right along with that is the novelty of walking to the bathrooms and using the very cool hand dryers. I swear we made a trip an hour to the bathrooms every day.

What else was fun? Getting launched off the air mattress by my husband, who thinks its hilarious.

We need a new air mattress.

We had our friends Laura and Earl come up for marshmallows and hotdogs. I love getting together with them. Laura makes me all jealous because she’s got a wicked awesome garden and many cute animals (chickens, button quail, bunnies and dogs).

On our last night we broke out the glow sticks. My kids haven’t had these before, and they were so excited. So much fighting over who got what colour. Sadie fell asleep that night with 2 clutched tightly in her hand. Next time I’ll buy more and have them for every night.

On our last day we hiked Teapot Hill. In sandals. Because I was silly and didn’t pack shoes for us. Tony did say the day we left that he’d be living in sandals. Little did I know that he wanted to try hiking Teapot again. We did make it to the top and the kids did amazing. Hikers usually leave little cheapie teapots on the way up as a scavenger hunt. We found 9 of them.

After that, we headed down to the lake and took the kids swimming. My children were exhausted, so when we had to leave, Lucas melted down and cried all the way to the parking lot about how he just wanted to swim more. Must do the lake again.

After that, we packed up camp and headed home. Kids were asleep after we put the van in drive. All in all, it was a very relaxing, much needed trip away.


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  1. Looks like you had the best of times! And Jack is still tired from playing with the kids. I must borrow them more often. Maybe we can do a joint camping trip one year!

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