Someone turns three

partyboy2This little guy turned three yesterday! He shares his birthday with his papa, so it was an awesome dinosaur birthday party for the both of them. I really like that I can just invite family and a few friends. When they go to school, it will be different though, and that’s ok.



I opted for easy typical birthday party food. Sorry kid, when you’re born in August, you get hotdogs and burger like food. Using the oven is out of the picture. Thankfully hotdogs are one of your favourites. Worms and dirt made a comeback, but as Dinos and Dirt. Its always a hit.


Lucas’ reaction to opening his presents was always OHHHHHH WOW! He was so pleased with opening everything. Thankfully we didn’t have to unbox a lot right off the bat because there was juice to drink and trampolines to jump on with everyone. I know they just consumed juice and some cake the entire time.


3 candles were stuffed into the volcano cake, which my mom made. It was awesome. Lucas thought it needed more dinos, so he added more while we were getting the food ready.


That cake was so good. Moist and full of chocolate pudding and chocolate cake. I was so happy I didn’t have to make a cake this year.

dinodecorWe put out giant paper dinosaurs inside and in the yard. It was hot out, so we opted to eat and hang out in the yard.




papaandbuddyEvery time they see Papa, they have to steal his hat. Its the best game. It involves much screaming and giggling, and then usually tickling.


I’m glad these 2 share a birthday.



And then I know she’ll hate me for life by posting this, but I couldn’t help putting my beautiful friend Laura on here. I just really liked how this one turned out.


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  1. Oh now you’ve done it! You and your hubby conspired against me!! Treason!!
    On a side note, we had a blast 🙂 I love the dinos and dirt, and the cake was so good!

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