Around here

dressedupdinosWe dressed up dinosaurs yesterday. I also made jam (which is too runny I think and I’m sad).

fillingthepoolThis morning we filled up the pool. Its supposed to get hot today and will stay that way until saturday. They were so excited to fill the pool that Lucas was only half dressed.


My piles of smaller quilts hanging out beside the stack of unfinished ones.


Remnants of the last party – which everyone said was pretty rad.


These guys are still going at it, making berries for my children to pick. I’ve neglected the garden in the last couple weeks. I’m thankful that plants can be quite resilient.


These babies are doing so well outside. Anyone want some succulents?

succulents2This baby is a cluster of like 3 flowers. Super succulent!

Today I’ve got peaches to deal with, probably to make into freezer pies and whatnot. I have a feeling that my children will be living in their swimsuits all day. Thats what summer is all about, right?