I’m feeling like a squirrel these days. No, not squirrely, just squirrel like. This last week I’ve been freezing produce to fill my little freezer with. Its been really fun now that the kids get into it. They love helping with all kitchen things, most of the time at least. shuckingcornpeaches1I had them peeling peaches and shucking corn this week. They have been well versed in the art of shucking corn as they learned these skills at Nana and Papas house. Miss Sadie loves corn on the cob so much. She had 1.5 ears of corn for dinner last night, and got upset at me when I had the last piece.

peaches2They loved helping peel peaches. Anything to do with a sink full of water and they’re right in there. Some of the peaches came out with substantial finger gouges, but its ok, because nobody knows once they’re baked in a pie.

The 20 lb box of peaches are almost done, as in, almost all frozen or eaten. I’m thinking crepes are on the menu for dinner tonight. I also want to try and bake a pie to freeze. This scares me a little, but I’m willing to try one out. If it works, you’ll bet I’ll be stocking the freezer with as many pies as I can fit. Pie for christmas anyone?


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