Whats been going on lately?

-The cup rabbit is at it again. In case you don’t know what the cup rabbit is, this is a drawing of him:

cuprabbitHis name is “Cup Rabbit” and heaven forbid you call him just “rabbit”. She’ll be prompt to correct you. He looks red, but its more of a magenta colour, just so you don’t think of him as a tiny demon. The black hair and huge rabbit ears do give off that demon vibe, but rest assured, he’s a mischievous cup rabbit that lives in my house. He’s responsible for doing things like breaking the oven element, and turning off the power to the house, and making the light bulbs flicker.

Sadie tells me that there are sometimes more than one cup rabbit living in the house. They are naughty she says, and break her things. So, thats one of the new things we have around here

-Sadie has also had a lot of vivid dreams lately. Like, one morning she woke up and told me all about a dream about a circle pig (she describes him as like how I draw them, made out of circles). She told me so excitedly, she was to the point of almost tears. I could see her eyes well up with emotion. Had to ask her if it was a happy dream, and yes it was.

The downside to these vivid dreams is that she’s had a few bad ones. She’ll wake me up and we pray about it and then she’s fast asleep again before I can say “amen”. Although this is one of her excuses to not sleep at quiet time.

-Lucas is going through a growth spurt. It makes me hesitant on buying him new jeans because I’m sure he’ll grow right out of them soon. We were out to breakfast at IHOP with Tony’s grandparents. I ordered Lucas the same thing I always order him from the kids menu. The thoughtful waitress brought the kids food out first. Lucas (had already eaten cereal at 7:30 am) wolfed down second breakfast at an astounding pace. Everyone was half done at most and Lucas had finished. I fed him some of my pancake. Then Tony sacrificed his leftover pancake to the bottomless pit. So, needless to say that when it comes to breakfasty type places, we’re going to upgrade him to a small adult meal.

-Tony and I are trying to lose weight. He’s doing really well. I’m doing ok. Its slow going, but I need to remember that I am not on the biggest loser dropping 22 lbs in a week like its no big thang. I’ve gotta say, I’m so proud of Tony though. He’s worked really hard to drop weight, and its paying off. I’ve actually never seen him this thin before, in all our years together.

-Halloween is fast approaching. I really want to talk the kids into being dinosaurs. I mean, it’d be super convenient considering I have tails for them already. We shall see. Maybe if I make them the rest of the costume, they’ll go along with it.




2 thoughts on “Whats been going on lately?

  1. Oh man, Sadie is starting to sound like me. I have always had vivid dreams, and they get pretty crazy!
    I hope the kids will be dinosaurs, Jack will be lonely as they only dinosaur! Sisko might even be one too!

  2. I’m a vivid dreamer too. When I had scary ones I would pray too. When my sister had scary ones I told her to think about puppies and lollipops. lol. They look so big when you post pics now!

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