First day of Preschool

firstdaypreschoolShe insisted that her brother accompany her in her first day of preschool picture. They were both really excited. Her first day was october 1st, and so its been a week since she started. The first day we went was only for an hour. Lucas was confused as to why he wasn’t allowed to stay with her, and so I treated him to the playground at the school for that entire hour. He was an exhausted child that day.

Her second day was the full 2 hours, and so I wasn’t going to stay and play. Lucas was devastated, and he cried the whole 10 minute walk home. Since the weather has been beautiful, we’ve stayed to play at the playground after she gets out. The elementary school that our preschool is in gets out 10 minutes later than preschool, so we have time to play before the big kids are done.

Now that its been a week, Lucas is getting used to having time at home with me by himself. Today was the first day he really got used to it and enjoyed it instead of asking about Sadie. We read all our Pete the Cat books and cleaned his room a little. When Sadie is done, she runs out of the room and always gives us the biggest hugs. She’s had no problems adjusting, but she’s such a lovey girl.

Hopefully preschool continues. We hope to get our subsidy forms in tomorrow and then we’ll see what kind of assistance we can get for her.