a few quick takes

I’ve started a bunch of blog posts and just never finished them. They’re collecting dust in my drafts and I’m not sure they’re worth publishing. Its cause I was feeling rather blah when I wrote them and although that feeling hasn’t left yet, its getting better.

-Sooo, whats new? Well, I finished the cat lady quilt. Its more like a throw blanket, or lap quilt. Its perfect for sitting with on the couch. I know this because the quilt and I just sat down and watched the Project Runway finale together, and it was delightfully warm.

-Speaking of watching shows on the couch, today was the first day I could sit on the couch rather than at my desk in an uncomfortable chair. Yesterday I was looking at how to use Youtube on the PS3 and then it linked me to a tutorial to set up file sharing on my mac to the PS3. My day was made! I’ve been dying to set something like this up and just didn’t know how it was done. YAY!

-I started working on the backing for the blue star quilt. I have a pretty blue sheet thats just a tad too small, so I’m adding a boarder and then I’ll spray baste it and work on hand quilting. I still need to find a good backing for the pink and grey chevron quilt. I may just go with white and be done with it because I want it done for Christmas. We’ll see though.

-The other day we were dropping Sadie off at preschool. She gave Lucas and I each a hug like she always does, but then her little friend came up to her afterwards and said “Can I get a hug too?” Most adorable moment ever. They hugged and then bounced on into the classroom.

-Been listening to the Sawbones podcasts. “A marital tour of misguided medicine” is how its best described. A husband and his wife (who’s a doctor) go through and discuss the history behind different treatments of diseases, practices and so on. They’re hilarious, and I find the history fascinating. Being squeamish about medical stuff, I still love it.  Anyways, go have a listen.

-Looking forward to a childless weekend the day after halloween. This so pleases me. Its like a tiny vacation for me and I look forward to it. I foresee a sushi date and some thrift shopping happening.

Ohhh and just now a tiny yellow crowned sparrow crashed into my big glass door. I’ve never witnessed the crash, usually just see them stunned on the ground. He looks ok-ish. He was just trying to flap his wings, but I think for now he’s just recovering on my deck. Thankfully he’s breathing and moving a little.