So, these are my cuties all dressed up and ready to go. Originally they were both going to be dinosaurs, but then Sadie came home from preschool one day and said she really wanted to be a tooth fairy.


Tooth fairy, thats not hard to manage. We altered her princess dress from her last birthday, and made a wand and crown to match. Found cheapie wings from the thrift store and DONE!

halloween3This guy, he was so into his costume. He roared at everyone and yelled TRICK OR TREAT every time. His costume was made from a fleece blanket I bought at the thrift store. I used felt for the details and made a tail the same way I did his original tail. I loved using fleece because A) its warm, and B) I don’t need to finish the edges! Lazy sewing FTW! For the hoodie, I just traced one of his current ones but bigger because the fleece was not as stretchy as I thought.

halloween4We went to one house and the lady held out the bowl of treats and told the kids to take some. So Lucas starts grabbing handfuls of treats. Sadie wasn’t as bold, so she was told to take more, and then Lucas took more because Sadie was taking more, and OMG KID PLEASE STOP! Obviously when it comes to treats, you don’t tell Lucas to “help himself”. I was pretty mortified.

This year Lucas realized how awesome trick or treating actually is. As soon as he said thank you, he’d beeline it back to us yelling MORE! MORE! As in, more houses! ALL THE HOUSES PLEASE! He had the best time. Sadie also loved it all. She’d be pointing out all the houses with their lights on that we HAD to see.

We had our lovely friends Earl and Laura come with us, and they dressed up their big dog Jack to be a stegosaurus. He was the best big dinosaur dog ever. Then after, we all hung out at our house and had dinner and treats and played with the dogs. Totally need a dog now.


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