And now I catch you up on anything you may have missed.

Dear blogland,

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. Its been a busy few months, and I’ve got energy and time to fiddle with this blog again. So, heres a post on what has happened.

Tony was accepted into the Canadian Forces as an Air Officer. This happened in november. He was sworn in December 11th, and then he flew out for basic training on January 17th. In that time, we celebrated a very rushed Christmas, and moved to my parents place. So, Christmas was a big blur, as was November. I don’t think I took many pictures at all during those months. Not the end of the world. I learned to just sit and enjoy things and not worry about capturing everything. I learned to let go of trying to do everything. We didn’t host christmas dinner, or even try. I mean, I had bought a few special treats, but not having a huge dinner to host was really nice for a change. We still had a big dinner at my parents place, and then after Christmas with my Mother in law we did a turkey dinner. The kids still loved it all.

So, after all the moving, we settled into my parents basement. Tony left 2 weeks later for St Jean, Quebec. We’ve had a couple days where the kids have missed their daddy a lot, but they got to open a small present from him and it makes things a lot better (Before he left, we hit up the dollar store to buy little things that would help them feel better when they would get sad. Little plastic animals, cool plastic food, and crafty things).

Throwing gifts at them isn’t always the answer though. I plan on taking them out for special mommy dates and have sleepovers in mommy’s bed (although I want to not do that often). Until they understand this process a bit better, this is how we’ll deal. Right now, they’ve adjusted really well to moving, sharing a room and having Daddy away.

Tony can have his cell phone and call if he has a tiny bit of free time. I talk to him mostly in 5 to 10 minute chunks of time. He did hurt his hip a bit, so he worries about that, but otherwise, he’s ok. I shall share some of the stories he’s told me in future posts.

So, thats about it. Hopefully I will blog more.