Bits from my conversations with Tony

We heard a lot of things about basic training. One of those things was that they would confiscate the guys’ phones during the first 4 weeks of training. This was the “indoctrination period”. Well, thankfully the guys have been allowed their phones during this time, with an exception of when they were taken away as a punishment.

I shall now explain…

During the first couple weeks, Tony would usually try and call right before lights out and talk. He mentioned that he had his first inspection (monday morning) coming up and he was worried about how it would go. I told him it would be fine, and that the first inspection is never perfect. Well, the next morning I got a quick text saying “I love you, they’re taking our phones away now.”

That text had me wondering for the rest of the week how badly they screwed up their inspection. Like, seriously, you fold your clothes how they want, you clean everything within an inch of its life, and then they tell you to do better, right? Maybe some pushups, but like, that should be it, shouldn’t it?

Well, Saturday came and finally I got an evening phone call. His phone was returned to him. I asked how did you manage to fail an inspection so badly? Tony told me that no, inspection went ok, and it wasn’t what got their phones taken away.

So, his platoon was being punished for something fairly minor, and so all 50 guys are lined up in three rows holding the squat position until they are told not to. During this time, some idiots cell phone receives a text message that Tony could hear 2 rows back. Well, lets just say that their instructor who was already punishing them FLIPPED OUT and after the culprit confessed, they were marched upstairs and had their phones taken away for the week.

Lesson, never be that guy. EVER..