Radio Silence again

Yup, its the second last week for Tony’s basic training. He’s doing his final leadership exam this week, and he’s in Farnham, so I won’t hear from him until probably friday. Bad news, we did not find out where he’ll be posted for his on-the-job training (inbetween period between basic and job training). That was really discouraging for us. Hopefully this friday, but I won’t get my hopes up.

Please pray for him this week. Pray that he finds his command voice, and exudes confidence. Pray that he does well for his leadership test. Weeks where we have radio silence are tough for all of us. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and I know that its just stress, but yuck.

What’s new here? The kids are doing good. They’re more independent than ever. They love using butter knives to cut their own food themselves, they love to pick out their own clothes, and it shows.

IMG_3229Sadie is wearing 2 skirts, her new sparkly shoes, and pink socks. She is all about glitz and girly things.


This boy hates if you try and help him with his shirt buttons, or cutting food. He prefers to hack away at his food with a butter knife. He explodes eggs instead of letting you help him crack them, then he cries cause he’s covered in exploded egg goo. Seriously though, he literally exploded it with his tiny hands.

I’ve been working on a twin sized quilt for Lucas. Eventually he’ll get a bigger bed, so I’m just making a quilt for when that day comes.


That’s all for now. I shall hopefully blog on friday.



One thought on “Radio Silence again

  1. Love this independence from the kids! It’s fun to watch them figure things out on their own.
    Sucks about the silence. That must be so stressful. I hope you find out where Tony will be posted soon! And best of luck to him this week! Earl and I are always thinking of him!

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