Quilt Top for Lucas

I got super annoyed with the how the first quilt top was turning out. I was doing a log cabin type block with some fabrics that I think weren’t meshing as well as I thought. So, after taking some time away from it, I decided to scrap it and make it into a smaller blanket or something, another day.

I had bought a bunch of green fabrics for Tony because its his favourte colour, and then after sewing up some hst blocks, I realized Lucas would love something green too, just like his daddy. By the way, spray starch is my new love. Holy cow does it make things easier to cut and manage when I’m doing up blocks. I was very intimidated at doing half square triangles after I did lucas’ first quilt. It was not my best work, and I should have looked up some of the tricks of cutting them better. Anyways, now that I can do a better faster job of hst blocks, I’m all over them. I love geometric quilts. So, I whipped up a quilt top for my boy that took a couple hours. So pleased with the results.

IMG_3349 IMG_3350


I used three different greens. Its hard to tell the difference between the first two in the pictures. So, now I’m on to the quilting part of this. I think its the part I despise the most out of this whole process.


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