Garden update #2


Its been a couple weeks since I last took pictures of the garden. This hot weather we’re having has been fantastic for the plants.


The tomatoes are growing. I like this plant, its a rapunzel tomato plant. The first one to start blossoming.


All the tomatoes seem very happy. There’s only one plant that is sad, but he seems to be always thirsty, curling his leaves around. pole beansThe beans have reached the top of the poles. They have the prettiest red flowers.

scarlett runner flowers

onionsThe onions and savoury are happy. I’ve cut some savoury to freeze already, and its just thriving.

oregano and peppersI harvested the radishes. They were starting to go to seed already and were getting too big for the spicy pepper plants sitting beside them. Easy enough to grow, but I just don’t like them.beetsBEETS! They’re so happy right now. I can’t wait to pick them. morebeetsThese front 2 boxes are more beets, and the last one is rainbow chard. Everyone gets beets!


DSC_0037_2As always, lots of dill. Its really pretty and feathery stuff.





Garden 2015

I really like to garden. My dad likes it too. Its his garden, but I like to help with it. Gardening has always been pretty relaxing for me. His garden space is nice a big, and I love that we can plant so many kinds of vegetables in it.


He builds the boxes and structures and then I plant the seeds. There are pole beans this year and scattered throughout is dill from last year that came back.


In this first bed, there are radishes (which I’m not a huge fan of when it comes to eating them, but I’ll give them a try this year). Then there are hot peppers and oregano. I had originally planted basil where the peppers are, but it just never took off. There’s one seedling of basil growing. I caved and bought 2 plants and dad put them in a pot near the other peppers.


Then there are beets in the first box, (my favourite), carrots in the second box and then lastly onions and summer savoury in the third box. I’ve had to do the carrots over once, but the seeds were old because the new seeds are working out just great.


I’m looking forward to putting savoury in soup this year. Bean soup specifically.


Last year my tomatoes had fungus or something bad and I reluctantly tossed them. These tomatoes are looking so happy. This whole bed is just tomatoes, and dill in the back. Again with the dill, I know. We all really like dill.


The beans look really good. I took this picture in the morning and then an hour later we put in taller posts. We underestimated how big they would get. They are growing like mad.


The last bed we did a 2 boxes of beets and then one of rainbow chard. The kids love planting seeds, and the beet seeds are nice a big for them to do.

sadieplantingchardThen there are potatoes across the yard, and potatoes behind the 4 big garden beds. My dad is very happy about his potatoes being in boxes. We got the idea from Laura and Earl. They are the biggest potato plants I’ve ever seen.



Cucumbers were one of the last plants to go in this year. They get a nice shady spot in the yard near the potatoes and rhubarb. I’m so excited to watch the garden grow, and see pictures from just tiny seedlings to big flourishing plants. I want to try and post progress once every couple weeks.