Garden update #2


Its been a couple weeks since I last took pictures of the garden. This hot weather we’re having has been fantastic for the plants.


The tomatoes are growing. I like this plant, its a rapunzel tomato plant. The first one to start blossoming.


All the tomatoes seem very happy. There’s only one plant that is sad, but he seems to be always thirsty, curling his leaves around. pole beansThe beans have reached the top of the poles. They have the prettiest red flowers.

scarlett runner flowers

onionsThe onions and savoury are happy. I’ve cut some savoury to freeze already, and its just thriving.

oregano and peppersI harvested the radishes. They were starting to go to seed already and were getting too big for the spicy pepper plants sitting beside them. Easy enough to grow, but I just don’t like them.beetsBEETS! They’re so happy right now. I can’t wait to pick them. morebeetsThese front 2 boxes are more beets, and the last one is rainbow chard. Everyone gets beets!


DSC_0037_2As always, lots of dill. Its really pretty and feathery stuff.