What I’ve been up to…making little things

what I'm making - clutchesI’ve been making some cute little clutches and zipper pouches lately. Small projects that keep my attention while its hot outside.

DSC_0016I’ve made a bunch of them. They’re fun and use up some of the many zippers I still have.

DSC_0011Some are even quilted a bit, like this one with the birds. I love the birds fabric.


Garden update #3

IMG_4052Look how crazy the garden is! Those beans, they are 8 feet tall, and are getting too tall for the posts. Crazy beans. Its that time. Time to update you all on whats going on in the garden.

Garden update #3First, we harvested the beets just after I took this picture. They were getting huge. My massive beets.Garden update #3Garden update #3This girl couldn’t wait to pull out the beets with me. She hardly ate any when we cooked them. I could really care less because they were so sweet and delicious that I didn’t want to share.

Garden update #3Garden update #3

The carrots are doing well. The kids constantly ask for me to pull just one up, but no, not yet. Garden update #3Um, so when do tomato plants grow 8 feet tall? These guys are massive. I’m in there pruning the suckers every day. These last couple days we’ve been seeing the tomatoes turn red. Exciting times!

Garden update #3Hello crazy beans. A little blurry, I took these using my phone this time and was rushed. Its hot out, and I hate being out longer than I need to.

Garden update #3

The first 2 boxes are more beets, and the third is some rainbow chard that we are going to cook a bit of tonight.

Garden update #3Training these guys to grow up the strings was an excellent idea. It was so easy to pick the cucumbers. Stupid pokey cucumbers.

Garden update #3Should have had this guy do the same as the other cucumber, but meh, oh well.

Garden update #3


Crazy potatoes. I can’t even see the boxes that they’re in right now.

Garden update #3

So, thats it for now. I promise quality pictures next time.