Garden update #5


The carrots are finished. We’ve been pulling them out at random to just snack on while outside or whatever, but I pulled the rest of them out last week. Sneaky parsnip was in amongst my carrot seed tape. I’m excited about him. Makes me want to grow a variety of root veggies next year, like turnips or parsnips as well as carrots and beets.


The tomatoes are still going strong. We’ve canned at least 20 quarts of tomatoes just from the garden so far, and they’re still so very happy out there. We need to get more jars now.


My helpers love skinning the tomatoes for me.


The yellow tomatoes are my favourite. Its like canned sunshine up in here.


Haven’t shown you the full view in a while, and this is what the garden looks like now. The beans are still producing like mad, and I’m picking half an ice cream pail of beans every couple days. We’re blanching and freezing them and we’ll be canning more dilly beans soon too.


This is the third box of potatoes we’ve dug up this year. It was a very good year for them, and we’ve got many more boxes still growing. Last year dad threw a bunch in the ground and they didn’t produce near as many as this year with the box method. He built 2x2x2 frames, filled one frame with dirt and potatoes, and then when the plants got big enough, threw another frame on top, added more dirt and then let them grow some more. Its less of a pain to do than hilling all your potatoes, and then you get more potatoes! He’s going to do three tiers next year.

Sadie was catching bugs and holding them, but Lucas really wanted to help and catch bugs too. He would pick up woodbugs and put them on his shirt (like a badge) and then have his hands free to move potatoes around. My mom couldn’t believe I’d let him do that, and was so disturbed, she had to leave (it was either that or the worms Sadie was finding-she hates worms). The kids have only been letting bugs crawl on them since they were tiny, so I guess to the normal population, my kids are crazy.



I didn’t think we’d be going camping this year. I hadn’t planned on it, and put all the camping gear in storage. Maybe next year when things are more settled. Maybe then. So, even though Tony is still kind of far away, he took a week off in august for a vacation. The idea of camping floated around again.

It was the week after the long weekend, and we were lucky enough to book a campground at cultus lake. We went to our storage unit and dug out as many of our camping things as we could. Only really needed to borrow a mattress and sleeping bags.

And then a couple days before we left, Sadie was itching her scalp hardcore. It was disturbing. I initially saw some really bad dandruff, and worked on her head with some coconut oil, but the itching continued. So you might have guessed, lice. Where she got it from, I don’t know.

Bought the lice shampoo, combed all the nits out got the laundry done, and then the day we were going to go camping, I was going through her hair and lo and behold, one live louse. Not only that, but my head was also getting hardcore itchy.

I thought it might all be in my head, but turns out, Tony found one lonely louse on my scalp.

OMG what do we do? We are supposed to be on the road to go camping, and I have lice and Sadie has lice, and WHYYYYY MEEEEE?

I cried.

So utterly frustrating to deal with all this right before we were to hit the road. So, we went back to the store, bought more shampoo, everyone washed their hair and then after going through everyones heads, we were back on the road, smelling of awesome lice killing chemicals.

It is also a tradition apparently, that we camp in the rain. We’ve always always encountered rain. We got to the camp site and had to quickly set up everything in the rain. It poured. It wasn’t terrible though. Tony and I can set up a tarp and tent in no time, so rain is like a personal challenge. The kids were so excited to be camping. They explored the woods while we got the tent ready. Of course they found a snail, and many slugs. One of the biggest snails I’ve seen.

Being an engineer / perfectionist, Tony tinkered with the tarp all evening and then the next day until he got it how he liked it. He always does this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.26.21 PMI was only making an observation because draping a tarp over your tent is just silly. Obviously. Camping was overall very excellent. Things the kids did:

  • They found snails and slugs
  • They pretended to go skateboarding on the hills in the woods
  • They climbed trees
  • They roasted their own hotdogs and marshmallows
  • They ate cereal out of tiny boxes, using said boxes as bowls
  • They went fishing in the lake for minnows and caught many
  • They went swimming
  • They used a slug as a glue stick for a outdoorsy craft
  • They coloured and did leaf rubbings with crayons (as they insist on doing every year)

the biggest snail she’s ever seen


Mom is a magical wizard thinking of eating cereal and milk from a box.


The slug glue was used on the fern to create a stick butterfly.


Since we can’t cook cool food on a fire, I brought frozen meatballs and it was spaghetti and meatballs for our last dinner there




the pouty one didn’t want to leave


She made butterflies out of her leaves


Spaghetti night is always family freak show night

We had lots of fun exploring, and cooking outdoors. Using the hibachi to roast marshmallows on, and listening to the rain. I’m glad we got to go, and I hope we can keep it a yearly thing. IMG_4426IMG_4362IMG_4397

Garden update #4


Oh my goodness, the garden is happening! Everything seems to be thriving in this heat lately.


The kids look forward to helping me pick the vegetables. They love finding beans that are finally within their arms reach. At the beginning, I had to stand on the side of the garden bed and hold on to the posts to reach the beans at the tip top of the plant. The bees love them, and they don’t bother me while I’m picking, so we’re all happy.



My two helpers.




The beets are doing well. They’re quite delicious.



I love all the cherry tomatoes and tiny red peppers.




IMG_4318IMG_4315 IMG_4308




Long green kung pow thai chilies. I used a bunch in my dilly beans.



All these jars are filled with ingredients from the garden, minus the garlic. I really want to try and grow garlic this fall.