I didn’t think we’d be going camping this year. I hadn’t planned on it, and put all the camping gear in storage. Maybe next year when things are more settled. Maybe then. So, even though Tony is still kind of far away, he took a week off in august for a vacation. The idea of camping floated around again.

It was the week after the long weekend, and we were lucky enough to book a campground at cultus lake. We went to our storage unit and dug out as many of our camping things as we could. Only really needed to borrow a mattress and sleeping bags.

And then a couple days before we left, Sadie was itching her scalp hardcore. It was disturbing. I initially saw some really bad dandruff, and worked on her head with some coconut oil, but the itching continued. So you might have guessed, lice. Where she got it from, I don’t know.

Bought the lice shampoo, combed all the nits out got the laundry done, and then the day we were going to go camping, I was going through her hair and lo and behold, one live louse. Not only that, but my head was also getting hardcore itchy.

I thought it might all be in my head, but turns out, Tony found one lonely louse on my scalp.

OMG what do we do? We are supposed to be on the road to go camping, and I have lice and Sadie has lice, and WHYYYYY MEEEEE?

I cried.

So utterly frustrating to deal with all this right before we were to hit the road. So, we went back to the store, bought more shampoo, everyone washed their hair and then after going through everyones heads, we were back on the road, smelling of awesome lice killing chemicals.

It is also a tradition apparently, that we camp in the rain. We’ve always always encountered rain. We got to the camp site and had to quickly set up everything in the rain. It poured. It wasn’t terrible though. Tony and I can set up a tarp and tent in no time, so rain is like a personal challenge. The kids were so excited to be camping. They explored the woods while we got the tent ready. Of course they found a snail, and many slugs. One of the biggest snails I’ve seen.

Being an engineer / perfectionist, Tony tinkered with the tarp all evening and then the next day until he got it how he liked it. He always does this.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.26.21 PMI was only making an observation because draping a tarp over your tent is just silly. Obviously. Camping was overall very excellent. Things the kids did:

  • They found snails and slugs
  • They pretended to go skateboarding on the hills in the woods
  • They climbed trees
  • They roasted their own hotdogs and marshmallows
  • They ate cereal out of tiny boxes, using said boxes as bowls
  • They went fishing in the lake for minnows and caught many
  • They went swimming
  • They used a slug as a glue stick for a outdoorsy craft
  • They coloured and did leaf rubbings with crayons (as they insist on doing every year)

the biggest snail she’s ever seen


Mom is a magical wizard thinking of eating cereal and milk from a box.


The slug glue was used on the fern to create a stick butterfly.


Since we can’t cook cool food on a fire, I brought frozen meatballs and it was spaghetti and meatballs for our last dinner there




the pouty one didn’t want to leave


She made butterflies out of her leaves


Spaghetti night is always family freak show night

We had lots of fun exploring, and cooking outdoors. Using the hibachi to roast marshmallows on, and listening to the rain. I’m glad we got to go, and I hope we can keep it a yearly thing. IMG_4426IMG_4362IMG_4397


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  1. Wow…those little cereal boxes bring back so many good memories of when we were just little tykes camping at cultus lake with my 2 brothers and Mom and Dad…we always tried to get the sugary ones first, because our regular cereal at home was always Shreddies,or Corn flakes, or homemade oatmeal, Sunny Boy cereal, or Cream of wheat (personally love the hot cereals NOW) And, we had a 5 man tent, with no tarps, but when it rained at night, we hung our sleeping bags on the line that dad constructed right after he pitched the tent!!!!Loved Camping…and you’re all doing it the old fashioned way…..Not the motor homes/trailers/ etc., When your young…TENTING is the way to go!!!!!!!So glad you had a marvelous time !!!!!

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