Garden update #5


The carrots are finished. We’ve been pulling them out at random to just snack on while outside or whatever, but I pulled the rest of them out last week. Sneaky parsnip was in amongst my carrot seed tape. I’m excited about him. Makes me want to grow a variety of root veggies next year, like turnips or parsnips as well as carrots and beets.


The tomatoes are still going strong. We’ve canned at least 20 quarts of tomatoes just from the garden so far, and they’re still so very happy out there. We need to get more jars now.


My helpers love skinning the tomatoes for me.


The yellow tomatoes are my favourite. Its like canned sunshine up in here.


Haven’t shown you the full view in a while, and this is what the garden looks like now. The beans are still producing like mad, and I’m picking half an ice cream pail of beans every couple days. We’re blanching and freezing them and we’ll be canning more dilly beans soon too.


This is the third box of potatoes we’ve dug up this year. It was a very good year for them, and we’ve got many more boxes still growing. Last year dad threw a bunch in the ground and they didn’t produce near as many as this year with the box method. He built 2x2x2 frames, filled one frame with dirt and potatoes, and then when the plants got big enough, threw another frame on top, added more dirt and then let them grow some more. Its less of a pain to do than hilling all your potatoes, and then you get more potatoes! He’s going to do three tiers next year.

Sadie was catching bugs and holding them, but Lucas really wanted to help and catch bugs too. He would pick up woodbugs and put them on his shirt (like a badge) and then have his hands free to move potatoes around. My mom couldn’t believe I’d let him do that, and was so disturbed, she had to leave (it was either that or the worms Sadie was finding-she hates worms). The kids have only been letting bugs crawl on them since they were tiny, so I guess to the normal population, my kids are crazy.


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  1. Wow…Good for you Miranda…love doing the tomatoes too…have 15 jars of salsa, 27 jars of stewed tomatoes, and another sink full of tomatoes waiting to become salsa today, or tomorrow…. I considered just covering the garden with plastic, but since I’m getting more able to bend over etc., will be doing a larger garden next year…. Looks fabulous sweetie, and the family sure will appreciate all the fresh canning over the Winter!

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