Stuff I’ve been making


Watercolours are my jam. I haven’t gotten into them until now, but boy oh boy do I love them. I need to buy better brushes. Its so delicate and pretty. Need to practice better flowers. I winged these ones.

IMG_5229 IMG_5230

Also, I got all nostalgic about our old budgie and so I drew a bunch of birds. I think I’ll be making Tony a budgie painting with ink and watercolour this Christmas.


Another camping trip

Tony’s grandpa had a stone plaque dedicated to his service in the RCAF. His grandpa was a Flight Officer during the war at the Comox CFB. Pretty sweet that Tony is also out there right now.

So, we decided that we’d do a second camping trip to see the stone dedication and also visit Tony and see the beach.


We love taking the Ferry, even if its the most expensive part of the trip. The kids love being on the deck, but this time we only were out there a short time because it was cold.



Also, while we were out on the island, Sadie discovered that they have an abundance of bunnies and deer. We saw deer every day, on the side of the road, and not even dead.

She was told not to feed the bunnies people food, but she worked around that by feeding them grass and moss. Due to a spelling error, I said she fed them glass, which is absurd because we were fresh out of glass. 😉


Barely any rain while we were out. It only rained at night when we were all asleep, and since Tony helped us with the tarps, we stayed nice and dry.


The plan was for the kids to be in this tiny tent, but they were a little too anxious about being on their own, so they camped out in the big tent.


The next day was super windy, but again, no rain al day. Fantastic weather. It was a tad cold at the beach, so hoods were a must. A MUST.


See, hoods. Also, this is totally my best camping hoodie.



Then we get back to make food and such and my children lay in the dirt and play with tiny plastic trucks and sea shells. We ran out of all the clean clothes for them on the last day. If you dont come back from camping filthy, you haven’t done it right – according to the kids.


Sunday we packed up everything in the rain. Yuck. I can set up in the rain, but packing up in the rain is far worse. Thankfully we were able to ship the kids to the in-laws tent trailer so they were out of the way. We packed up, got in our dress clothes and headed out to the base for the stone dedication. Tony looked so handsome in his dress uniform.


Hit up the Museaum on base, and the kids got to sit in the ejection seats, and play with buttons and such.

IMG_5168 IMG_5170

We had a great time, and I look forward to camping out there again, it was amazing to be camping so close to the beach.

First day of school!

Kindergarten officially started for Sadie today. Its gradual entry, so by next wednesday, she’ll be doing full days of school. Today was just 2 hours of figuring out how to do things in kindergarten. She can’t wait for full days. sadiesfirstday

As she lined up and went into her classroom, Lucas turned to me and sighed “I miss her”.

I know buddy, I know.