Christmas is coming, and I’m kind of excited

Now, lets rewind a bit. I love Christmas, I really just love it. This year though, I’m still excited, but I also have a bit of dread. Dread because I know that in early January Tony will be away again in a totally different province for training. 4-5 months of training.


I knew it was coming, it was part of the whole plan and stuff, but its not something I look forward to. So, there in lies the dread.

I am very thankful to have family to be there for us as we go through this last push of training and such. This time, I also have my lovely moms group through church who have been so wonderful. Ladies who have been through similar stuff, they can relate. Its been a real blessing.

I’m doing my very best to keep it all together, and remember to relax and enjoy the 2 weeks we have together before he heads out.

Looking forward to seeing a late showing of the new Star Wars movie on the day he comes home. Priorities people (and just so you’re aware of how big a nerd I really am, I misted/teared up a bit when I saw the trailer and it showed Hans and Chewie together again).

Tony is even more of a nerd about it, and we won’t even get started on that. Lets just say, we own a blue light saber.

So, beyond Star Wars date night, we are excited to have time to unwind before a big wave of stress hits. We love having relaxing Christmas morning opening gifts, watching tv, playing with new toys and eating good food.

I have the first part of all my Christmas gifts made, and now I’m working the other parts. I also listed a bunch of handmade things online to see if anything would sell. We’ll see how that goes.

So, I hope you don’t mind my word vomit of a post.