Training part 2 and Christmas

Its the new year and along with that came the second part of Tony’s work training. But more on that in a minute.
Tony was here for Christmas break. 2 whole weeks! It was so nice. It was the most relaxed Christmas. We ate awesome food (thanks mom) and had a great time being together.
We saw Star Wars and it was AMAZING! If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly urge you to go. I had lowered hopes on how it’d turn out, and when we walked out of that theater together, we had the biggest grins on our faces. That pure blissed out expression. If you saw the Big Bang Theory episode on when they saw Star Wars, Tony and I looked about the same as they did after the movie. Tony saw it with Beth again, and I plan on seeing it one more time in the theaters.

The kids loved Christmas. We slowed things down on Christmas morning in terms of opening presents and such. My sister and her boyfriend were traveling back from Logan Lake and weren’t going to be back until Christmas afternoon. So, instead of opening presents right away, we just opened stockings, and then ate brunch and waited. The kids’s weren’t phased, they had their new ponies to play with most of the morning. When Aria and Christian came back, we opened the presents and the kids were actually taking their time, they weren’t rushing through. They were so well behaved, and normally its a gong show.

MagFormers, MarbleWorks, Lego and a dinosaur dig set were huge hits this year. I can hear them both doing MarbleWorks upstairs in the hallway. They’re really into playing in strange places like hallways and doorways. The other day I walked into a block castle fort thing in my doorway, and ouch!

They got a bunch of lego, and we completed the last mini set a few days ago. It was all Star Wars Lego. Its so nice to see them following the instructions and slowly and carefully putting together Lego with us.

Tony and I started a new series called The Expanse. Its on the sci fi channel I think. Its one of the newer sci fi shows that I really really like. That says a lot because unlike Tony (who likes most all sci fi), I am not a big fan of that genre. Lets hope it continues to be awesome.

It snowed while Tony was here. We built a 5 ft snowman and tinier ones with the kids. Its been so cold that they’re still there, barely melted.

Ok, so now onto other news.

Yesterday Tony packed up the car full of his gear and stuff, and headed off to Ontario. He’ll be there for about 6 months doing the rest of his work training. We plan on visiting him twice while he’s out there. Then, when he’s finished training, he’ll be posted and then we’ll all move together somewhere. Key word being SOMEWHERE. We don’t know where it will be, and we won’t know until he’s finished. This is the most asked question I get, and until he’s finished training, or until we’re told for sure, I won’t have an answer on where we are going.

When Lucas woke me up about a bad dream he had, I realized that Tony wasn’t there beside me, and it sank in a bit more that he’s away.
It will sink in more and the week goes on. I already look for the blue car outside and its not there.

So, its the last push before we’re together again.


2 thoughts on “Training part 2 and Christmas

  1. We enjoy your blogs Miranda. Nice memories.

    We really enjoyed having you over on Boxing Day, with Beth and Colin too. (First Xmas without Jeff and Kathryn, which was weird though) It is so wonderful how Sadie runs into our arms for big gigantic hugs, and so cute to see Lucas get in there too, in his more shyer, quieter ways. (But we know he loves it just as much)

    The Kinetic sand was sure a hit with them hey !! It was fun to see even the adults get in there and make things with it. LOL

    We have Tony texting us as he makes his way across Canada. Sure am glad he has not run into bad weather. Lets hope the rest of the trip is as uneventful as the first stretch.

    Talk to you soon,
    Dad and Debbie

  2. Oh Miranda…You’ve toughed it out for so long already, I know that you’ll be able to survive this final pause in your life. Just keep thinking about the time you have had with Tony, and, once this final stint is completed…Your life will be an adventure…something to look forward to.
    Love you all

    Auntie Dar

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