Talking with Lucas

We’ve been talking about daddy being gone, and I explained that we’d like to go visit him while he’s away. Lucas asked if we’d take a boat. I told him we’d be flying on a plane if we visited.
Well, his eyes went big and he started telling me about this octopus ride we took him on at the local fair. It was high up and spun around a lot. He said he was a little scared of that one, but he could try flying on a plane.
Does it have seatbelts?
Does it have windows?
Then he goes and tells Sadie that when we go on a plane we go so high we can see the stars.

I think he thinks flying = space travel

Now since everything in time is either yesterday or tomorrow, he tells everyone that tomorrow we are flying on a plane to see daddy.


2 thoughts on “Talking with Lucas

  1. Cute! And it gets him closer to the stars, so he’s not really wrong 😉 What a cutie!

  2. Oh Miranda, that is so cute..Hard to believe the kids are growing so quickly! I am so glad that you have such a great family support situation. It will be hard on your mom when you move…the “empty Nest syndrome” multiplied by a thousand, I’m afraid! It’s a hard one to deal with… Have a great day sweetie!

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