He made it

Tony had quite the road trip across Canada. He saw his family in Regina, and that was really nice. I loved seeing pictures of my niece and him together. I miss Kathryn, Jeff and Leora. We’ll just have to do another road trip sometime and visit with the kids.

After that visit, he headed through ‘merica and stopped in North Dakota, Illinois, and I can’t remember if there was another state in there he passed through. He headed up through Ontario, stopping in Niagara Falls (jealous) and then made his way to work. He arrived this morning and has been getting settled.

To make his road trip fun, I downloaded him an audio book, which he quickly polished off. I got him hooked, and now he’s listening to the second one. Its what the show The Expanse is based off of. Totally knew he’d like it because we both love the show.

Excited for him to get internet set up so we can finish season 2 of Silicon Valley. Its hilarious, and I can’t believe we hadn’t seen it until now.