Making things, making plans, all that stuff

I’ve been making a few new things lately. I got very frustrated at the fact that the kids new toys were everywhere and that the boxes that originally held said toys were ripped and wrecked. I remembered seeing a tutorial for how to sew a drawstring bag with a vinyl window so you can easily see whats inside.

It was worth a try, especially since I had the vinyl from a tablecloth project.

vinyl drawstring storage bag

All the kids’ mableworks fit very nicely inside. I’ve done another for their magformers and I should so a medium one for the blocks. They put their toys aways with a little less complaining.

The other thing I’ve been working on is perfecting this wallet:

12622122_10156452480675203_9199344078306404826_o 12646666_10156452480810203_5278026440278992217_o

This one is mine, but I just finished another in the same fabric, and I’ll be making a couple more to sell and give away. I so love this floral fabric.

So, in other news, Tony is doing well. We try and talk on the phone as often as we can, but he’s been working late this last week and so its been little conversations or texts. We’ve been planning a trip where I can go out and one where the kids and I can visit.

The kids just left to sleepover at Aunty Beths. They’re so excited. Lucas packed his bag 2 days ago. I’m excited. Tony and I have some shows to watch together, and I hope this weekend will be relaxing for us. If I’ve never mentioned it here before, I’ll explain how tv works when you’re 4000km away.

We each download or find the show we’re watching on netflix, then we call on skype, and hit play at the same time. Its really been the best thing. So, I’m gonna grab some chips or whatever and relax this weekend with Tony.


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  1. What a great way to “spend Time” with each other sweetie….You Have come up with unique ideas…and, I , for one, would love to Order a wallet from you…Let me know how much you charge and will send you the money! Enjoy the movies with Tony!!!!!

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