we’re moving

Tony has graduated his course! YAY!

Big sigh.

We’re so excited, because this means we’ll be reunited quite shortly. Its been a long year and a half. Lots of skype, phone calls, and coordinated tv watching. We’re still dealing with much stress and uncertainty, because you know, the military likes to keep you on your toes.

We know where we’re headed, but thats it for now. We’re posted across the country in Kingston Ontario. We don’t have any dates for when yet.

Once we know a timeline, I expect things to go quickly, but I have been wrong before. I’ve been talking to the kids about everything. They haven’t grasped the fact that we’ll be very far away from our families. They’re just ecstatic that we’re moving back with daddy and will possibly get a bird again.

So, for now I’m surrounded by boxes and stuff half packed. Its like a cardboard castle in my room.


hello again

Tony’s training is coming close to the end, and with that brings up the question “Where will you be posted?”. If only we knew. I don’t mind that people ask. Its the most asked question I get these days. We still don’t know, and won’t until May 11th. That is the day Tony graduates, and celebrates, and then finds out where he’s going.

I researched a bunch of the places we might be posted, but due to a lot of stress, and my body not handling it well, I’ve stopped researching for now. I will when we know for sure so I can narrow it down to a specific location. So, May 11th!

The kids have been doing so well . They have their ups and downs just like I do. Sadie in the last few weeks has been really sad about missing her daddy. We made a countdown for when he’s finished training, and that has helped immensely. We also had about 2 weeks where he was out in the field and couldn’t barely call, and so he couldn’t talk to the kids. That was hard for them. They love seeing him on skype, and finally were able to see him on there yesterday.

They are actually visiting their Aunty Beth and Nana this weekend. Lucas packed his bag the day before yesterday, and had packed movies, and puppets (paper bag puppets he made for a puppet show). They have been really interested in doing those lately. The “one little monkey jumping on the bed” is their favourite.

I finally got my hands on some sewing machine oil, and worked on Gertrude. She’s so quiet now, and runs so smoothly. Its hard because I so badly want to sew all the things with her, and yet, I shouldn’t buy too much more fabric because I need to pack it all up eventually. Last move, I packed my sewing stuff too early, and I go to it when I need a break, and when I needed a break, it was gone. So I’m going to try and not do that, but I still can’t leave it all to the last minute, so I’ll be needing some good books to read to keep me calm.

Also, as a way to relax and not stress to hard, I’ve been reading books more often. I found 2 at the local used book store that I had never read, 2 of the little house on the prairie books. Totally thought I had read them all. Well, that was quite a treat. Since then, I ploughed through the other ones in the series, and loved it. Totally need to find some more easy read stuff that is light or funny or both. Maybe its time to re read Harry Potter.