Garden update!


Look at that pretty feathery dill! Its grown so much. I love it. When I go to the garden, I usually pet it before I head out to the tomatoes.


So, after petting the dill, I prune off the suckers from the tomatoes. They’re all blossoming nicely.


This turkey isn’t supposed to be shimmying across the garden beds, but he was looking at the beans with me. They’re slow this year, but they’re getting there.

IMG_8003 IMG_8004

Theres random dill in the middle of the beans.


The beets are looking mighty good over here.


Carrots are happy. We planted a few more where a cat dug them up. Dumb cats.

IMG_8007 IMG_8008



So, these are potato plants that were missed last year. They’re just so happy over here.


There are 2 tomatoes of the defiant variety.


Thats my rosemary. Its huge. I am hoping to bring him with me when we move. I think he’s hearty enough to withstand moving.


One thought on “Garden update!

  1. Your garden looks wonderful Miranda….I had a phenomenal strawberry crop this year, and discovered that they are everbearing……and, still have one more picking..made another batch of jam last night, so the rest of the berries will be frozen, and ready for Winter. Next on the list are the raspberries! total of 7 pickings!!!! tomatoes are getting there, beans are doing well, and the romaine, and bush beans are finally growing! Have a great week sweetie…Love Auntie D.

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