House Hunting Trip


The kids and I flew out to Kingston last week to go house hunting with Tony. It was their first time on an airplane. They were both excited to fly, but Lucas had a bit of fear about it. He kept telling me he didn’t want to do loop de loops. I kept telling him no, we don’t do that.

His fear of flying became more apparent when we boarded the plane. The kids were following me through the air bridge to the plane, and we get to the door of the plane where theres a gap between the plane and the bridge, he stops, and starts to whimper. I go to take his hand and walk with him beside me, and he bursts into tears. The gap scared him, the whole being on a plane scared him, and I held his hand and pulled him along to our seats while he’s sobbing about being so scared. All the flight attendants smiled at him and reassured him. We got seated and he frantically fought to get his seat belt on, even with me telling him not to worry about that yet (they do this in the car when you turn it on before they are belted in). I got him settled and offered my special “take off candy” in the form of a ring pop. He also very much loved the idea of TV right at his seat. By the time we got going, he was all good to go and didn’t even care that we were up in the air.


This girl loved flying and loved looking out the window. Each kid had a turn flying in the window seat.

IMG_8064 IMG_8083

When we were getting off the plane, the stewardess was telling the kids how good they were on their first flight, and the pilot perked right up and was like FIRST FLIGHT!!! COME HERE GUYS AND SEE THE COCKPIT! He was so excited to show them the buttons and things on the plane. Very cool pilot, very cool indeed.

So, we arrived in Ottawa, and Tony was there waiting. The kids were overjoyed to see daddy, and promptly left me to schlep the luggage around while they both fought to hold daddy’s free hand. They ended up both holding one of this hands together, and it was good.


Time change and flying is hard work. 5 minutes from the airport they were passed out.


We went house hunting, looked at many places. More on that later. This pic of sadie and the dandelion was taken by Lucas. The phone was a good distraction for them while we were looking at houses. They loved taking pictures.

IMG_8114 IMG_8123


The Works in the downtown part of kingston was delicious. We loved it and its delicious burgers. I got broccoli because I was so sick of french fries by this time.

IMG_8139 IMG_8147

They had the best time together. Playing Go Fish, swimming in the pool, and driving around with us.


Also, Screamers! I’ve never had one of these until now. They were delicious and were great for our country drive.

IMG_8164 IMG_8162

There are beautiful parts of southern ontario. Next time I’ll bring my big camera and make Tony stop so I can take pictures of things, just like my dad.


On our way back home, we bought strawberries, and they were the best tasting ones I’ve ever had. Whoever told me this was so right.


That was Chilliwack outside the window of our plane, that glimmer of lights.


The night we got home, Lucas had stayed up until 11 pm, and then was awake at 6. I had him sleep with me, but I ended up being evicted because feet, in my face. He slept an hour and a half more before appearing upstairs.

Soooo, I didn’t forget about the part of this trip that was our purpose of going. We did find a house we liked, its half a duplex. We’ve got an accepted offer, and right now we’re waiting on a home inspection and such. That happens this week. So, we’re praying that everything goes well and if it does, we will move mid September. The reason for September is that Tony will be deployed for the month of August and can’t be here to oversee the move.

So, we’re excited, and hopefully things go well with the home inspection.


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  1. Oh sweetie…what an adventure you and the family have had! I’m just so glad that you will be staying in Canada….just seeing the Love that emanated from Tony’s face when he held onto the kids was definitely worth all the unknowns…We’re definitely going to miss you, now that my computer is out of the hospital…I have rejoined the “Land of Cyber Living!” Hope we’ll be able to get together before you leave…and, congrats about your new house ..can hardly wait to see more pics when the deal is finally through! You’re doing the right thing re: the inspection etc., how are prices back east?! kind of curious….Love you Miranda…big hugs to all of you!!!!!

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