grief, its been 3 months now

A stressful, chaotic 3 months. So, we’ve moved. *huge sigh of relief*.

That whole process was stressful, but I’m glad its over. We arrived in town on the 15th and got the keys to our house the next morning. That was exciting. Tony and I went straight to work renovating the house while we waited for our stuff to arrive. Priority was the floors, especially while the house was empty. We thought a lot about refinishing the floors, but being that they were very thin and really in rough shape, we decided to go with a really nice laminate flooring.

We are so pleased at the results. We’re also not terribly experienced with power tools and such, but we did it, and it looks good. We did a lot of research, calling Tony’s dad with questions, and watching videos online. That experience has given us courage to look into renovating other small things in the house.

I should probably show you before and after pictures of the living room. ugly living room

The previous owners were all about accent walls. There was this ugly forest green wall in the dining room area, and then really weird tan beige flesh coloured walls everywhere else. The basement also has an accent wall, but those colours aren’t hideous.

new floors

We’re expecting our couch to be delivered on tuesday, and then I shall show an after pictures. Right now our living room is sans couches. There are three sad dining room chairs circling the tv. This does not make for comfortable relaxing or entertaining. Very much looking forward to couch delivery day! Yay!