The Nest E is here, and we are here for it. Kinda sorta my own personal review

So, this last winter was not joking around. It was very very cold for this BC girl. So cold that our bathtub pipes froze. Super fun experience. Lets just say that after a couple hours of blowdrying them, we were ok. But one of the worst parts was making that VERY LONG TREK (I kid, I kid) downstairs to turn the heat up and down. My cold toes did not want to do that walk all the time. It also meant that if I forgot to turn down the heat and I was already snuggled in bed, I’d have to get up, race downstairs and turn the heat down or possibly sweat to death beside my heater of a husband.

Now, we have a nest camera for outside to see the driveway, but I’ve been coveting their thermostat. But, not the ugly black screened one, the white frosted one that blends in nicer to the wall. Nest E.

When I was window shopping online, the nest store mentioned that I can get $100 rebate for getting a smart thermostat. Oh, really? Well, twist my arm then!

I watched videos, I made sure it was compatible with our heating and cooling system, and then we took the plunge. Getting a rebate for almost half the price of a nest thermostat made it worth it.

So, when Tony came back from his latest course, it was here waiting for him.

Remember, I am not one for hooking up electrical things, but he’s brave enough, and thats what counts. I did pry the old thermostat off the wall to check all the wires though.

Checked the wires on the furnace, then pulled the old one off, and attached the new one. We did it late that night that he came home because I think he was too excited.

Don’t mind the hideous wall. We knew we’d have to smooth over the parts where the old one was. There were a few colours of paint that had been painted around the previous guy.

We hauled the bucket of leftover paint upstairs, touched up the wall, and now it looks like its lived here the entire time.

And now, the best part is that I can change the temperature from my phone or computer. Oh no, I’m already in bed and its too warm? Hold on a sec, let me whip out my phone and change that. To be honest, this thing has spoiled me now. Its set that when we leave the house, it auto turns the heat down for us. The scheduler is super easy to set up, and its all combined with our Nest Camera on the one app. If you feel “old school” you can change the heat with the dial on the thermostat. It doesn’t display the temp unless you walk up to it, or change it via wifi, but thats fine with me.

Maybe I’m weird for writing about loving my thermostat, but whatever. You don’t have to read my strange ramblings. Just as a disclaimer, I was not paid for this review, but I just liked it so much, I’d figure I would spread the good news and tell you all about it.