Growing pains and dates

When I was a kid, I remembered my legs hurting. Just general soreness and shin splints. To me it seemed like part of growing up. When Lucas complained of pain in his legs, I just brushed it off and told him that it sucks and its his legs growing. But then, he started complaining every day, especially at bedtime. I was giving him tylenol and advil every day and it got as far as me sending some tylenol to school for his teacher to give him. Since I didn’t remember it being this bad, I booked him a doctors appointment.

He got to skip most of school, and hang out just with me, and oh boy did he love it. The doctors appointment went well, and x-rays are going to happen. He’s very excited about seeing his bones. He got to eat special lunch with me, which was Starbucks. He ate all my lemon loaf, and most of the breakfast sandwich. I have another story about them + food later.

We went shopping downtown, it snowed a bit, and we got to ride the bus home. He loved holding my phone and watching our blue dot move along the designated route on google maps. He leaned over and told me “I just really like having a special date with you”. Our special date was really needed, even if it was a doctors appointment and some window shopping.

The best part of that day might have been the robots. The local university robotics guys came to their school and brought robots to teach the kids to use. We made it back to school for the last 2 hours and I got to help with the robots and watch my boys face light up when he got it to do what he wanted.

He was laughing at something while we were waiting for the bus.

The tiny robot followed the black lines that they were drawing. He loved the tiny guy.


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  1. What a special little man!!!!it’s amazing what one discovers while you’re alone with him…special time for the both of you!!!!

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