My favourite Easter Cake

I could have baked a pie. I love pie. I really really love pie. But, I knew from last Easter that Sadie would be sad if I didn’t make carrot cake. Growing up, carrot cake was never my thang. I really hated the extra cream cheesy icing, and finding raisins or whatever in my cake was off putting. Last year I wanted to give it a try, maybe I could make it how I liked instead of what was always done.

So, I follow Smitten Kitchen on twitter. I’ve tried some of her recipes before with great success. She had posted a carrot cake recipe with graham cracker crumbs in it, and that piqued my interest. First I wondered how dense it would make my cake, and then I thought, WHO CARES? I love graham crackers, and I will try something new because what could possibly go wrong?

I followed her recipe, not too many graham cracker crumbs were used, and realistically, I could have added in more. Very light and fluffy cake, no raisins, and I added pecans because I love pecans. At Sadie’s request, I didn’t over ice the cake. She really hates tons of gloppy icing, and I figured I’d be trendy and do a kind of a naked cake.

Everyone loved it, especially Sadie, who ate a piece at every meal until it was gone. She even had one at breakfast, and who am I to say no? Especially since she might have seen me eat a piece at breakfast.

The icing was too cheesy in my opinion, but nothing I couldn’t fix with more butter and icing sugar. 100% will make again.

Recipe is linked here :