A few good camping ideas

When we were planning our camping trip, I scoured pinterest for some good ideas for camping. Most were just beautiful glamping sites, and food you can cook over fire (not helpful with a fireban), but there were some good things I found helpful.

camping13Using a old baby wipes container for cutlery, knives, can openers, and misc kitchen things. Very good idea. Also used another smaller wipes container to store grocery bags for garbage.

-Filling a 4 litre milk jug with water and freezing it to keep the cooler cold – awesome! Better than dealing with water at the bottom of the cooler.

-Using the foam puzzle mats for the floor of the tent, SO HELPFUL! The kids slept on top of the foam mats in their sleeping bags. Also, way easier on my knees instead of kneeling on rocks. Bringing these again.

-Filling a nalgene bottle with milk for cereal. That way I didn’t buy an extra milk, I just used what we had at home.

-Wrapping extra duct tape on my flashlight instead of bringing a whole roll. Came in handy to tape the table cloth to the picnic table.

Last year I made the camping bin. It holds all the flash lights, roasting sticks, camping cutlery, rope and more. Throw it into the car and go. Its better than trying to gather all that stuff from all over the house.

I used this pinterest pin. It  had a lot of the ideas I used, and some I wish I could have tried.

I also think I want a dutch oven. Now that we know how to use charcoal, I want to try cooking in one of those.