The vintage sheet string quilt

The other night I had the string quilt out, I was measuring it to see how many more squares I had to go before I had the right size for my bed. Sadie threw herself onto my bed and said “Can this be for me?”

“Mama, can I have this one? This one is pretty”

“Is my blanket done yet?stringquilt2┬áNeedless to say, she’s claimed this one as her own. I’m not really sad, I mean, I like this one a lot, but when I measured it for my bed, I had to double what I had already done, and its taken MONTHS to get this far. When I snuck into Sadie’s room and put it on her new day bed, it fit, and nicely too. Being a day bed, a traditional twin duvet hangs over too far off the edge and then falls off at night. This quilt is more like a small twin than a full one would be.

stringquilt3There was a lot of debate in my head about how to quilt it, but in the end, I figured it was busy enough without the addition of machine quilting, so I hand tied it with some pretty raspberry coloured pearle cotton thread.


I took apart her old duvet cover to use as the back and binding for her new quilt. This sucker should be pretty warm come winter too, being that its got an extra layer of fabric.


I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight. Finishing a quilt always strains my back.