Beach Day, or how I turned into a lobster


Yeah…, this is why he shares with Sadie. So, now we shall have less gross pictures.

Its still hot out. Highs of 35 degrees all week, talk about gross. We went along with my parents to the beach to enjoy the ocean and cool breeze. It was beautiful out! It wasn’t crowded, and it was so much fun. The kids collected sea shells. Lucas picked every broken piece of shell and filled his bucket within minutes of arriving at the beach.



We taught the kids all about moats as our spot on the beach came with one already dug up. They promptly started adding castle to it and decorated with many shells and things. Lucas was too busy to be tickled.

beach8beach4The kids were so full of energy. This one hardly stood still. She danced around on the beach, and swam in the water until her lips turned purple.

beach5There were so many tiny crabs to find. We collected a few to observe before setting them free. Lucas brought over a shell and it suddenly started to creep away. Adorable little guys. Beth overheard a family talking to someone about how their son was taking a bunch of dead crabs home. NO. Do not bring rotten sea creatures home. NO.



Crab bits certainly helped make this look like a better fortress.

And now, the LOBSTER! Yes, I’m sad and miserable. Always reapply the sunscreen. ALWAYS. This is not pleasant. Thankfully I’ve got tons of aloe vera gel at home.



One thought on “Beach Day, or how I turned into a lobster

  1. Looks like the kids had a wonderful! Love the crab bits on the castle. Nothing says scary like dismember crabs!
    Hope your sunburn goes away quickly, its terrible being fair skinned.

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